With over 30 years experience in the beauty industry, we have had task during this long journey, to obtain most of the ESSENCES that nature has to offer, the finest extracts from medicinal plants, herbs from different regions around the world, flowers and roots among others, to create the most innovative formulas that have the maximum capability to regenerate and take care of people’s beauty.


At Essence Labs Inc., we only use cutting-edge technology to guarantee our processes. We meet the most demanding needs of beauty professionals, dedicating all of our effort in creating each of the formulas that our clients desire; always committed to taking care of the environment.


It is thanks to the customization of each product, that we are known for giving your ESSENCE to each project we create.


We believe that the most beautiful things on earth come
from nature, and it is our job to bring the best of nature to you.




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21005 Superior St.

Chatsworth CA, 91311



Phone: (818) 626-9323

Fax: (818) 527-1049


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